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In 2009 a small, family owned and operated oil company decided to step away from the antiquated convenience store model.

Our goal was to create a family atmosphere, unique stores, fresh food and no lines to order your food.

For half a century we had worked in the convenience store business, and had seen the stores move away from being a central part of their customers’ day-to-day lives. Customers’ needs just were not being met anymore.

What we found was the modern community need for fresh food in a hurry. Parents of small children, working business men and women, blue collar or white collar-everyone seemed to be looking for swift food options that were not drenched in grease, and that actually had nutritional value.

For three years the newly developed Daily Press team traveled the United States looking for fresh food ideas and innovative technologies to make customers’ experiences more enjoyable. In May of 2012 the first Daily Press opened its doors in Monroe, Louisiana, and featured touch screen ordering kiosks that eliminated lines and allowed customers to build Famous Pressed Po'boys, salads, soups, and spuds exactly to their liking.

Today, we hope that you’ll find what you’re looking for at Daily Press, whether it be a Cajun Turkey Po'boy with Pepperjack cheese and fresh avocado, a flatbread pizza, or a salad with grilled chicken; and we hope to take some pressure off your day-to-day routine!

The Daily Press Team